The Cava Difference.

About Us

Cava Surfaces, a supplier of premium, hand selected extravagant stone surfaces from around the world. We carry a variety of building materials from natural stone to porcelain and quartz slabs. Cava Surfaces strives to not only provide quality products but to equally serve each and every customer and client to their satisfaction.

With over 15 years in the stone surface industry, our team goes above and beyond expectations when it comes to customer service. Cava Surfaces head office is located in the heart of the design district in Toronto. Our unique designs and marble veining attract a growth to expand our collaborations with leading designers and architects to create fresh new trends.

With our wide range of enchanted colour collections, working along side designers push us to another level, to consistently set new creative concepts and set high standards. Our goal is for our customers design imagination to come to life.

Cava Surfaces has a passion for innovation like no other in the industry. We have cultivated different textures, intricate veining and elegant designs to create interiors/exteriors that are strikingly unique. Our stones are used for many different applications in commercial and residential projects. Commonly used as counter tops, vanities, fireplaces, wall cladding, flooring and other interior/exterior surfaces.

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Our team at Cava Surfaces have traveled several countries like Italy, Brazil and Spain to select the worlds most beautiful marbles, quartzites and granites. From the quarry to your home, Cava has something for every customer. Along with natural stones, our gallery offers beautifully performing engineered stones; quartz and porcelain slabs.